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The Nature of the Children and Young People’s Voluntary Sector in England 2012/13

NCVO for the Children’s Partnership
June 2015

This report brings together data on the children and young people’s voluntary sector in England. Building on the methodology from the NCVO’s UK Civil Society Almanac, it presents a range of information on the income, spending and assets of the sector.

The report finds that children’s charities have seen their income from Government fall by over £150m in twelve months. An annual survey of charity accounts reveals that the shortfall in income is hitting charities working with children and young people hard, as government funding accounts for a greater proportion of income for these charities than it does for the voluntary sector as a whole. The data shows that local government is a much more significant funder of children and young people’s charities than charities as a whole, suggesting these organisations have been successful in becoming competitive providers of services.

Other findings from the survey indicate that income from individuals was the largest source of income for the sector in 2012/13. While income from individuals rose slightly, this was nowhere near equivalent to the reduction in income from Government.